The champion in you

It is  interesting how life changes from being told stories of princesses and what not. It would begin like this ….Once upon a time there was a princess who felt she was too ugly to be noticed by anyone in the world

She had a good heart though. And she marveled in that strength. Everyone wished her well bit herself. She felt she did not deserve any good after all all the handsome princes were taken by the pretty once…..and goes on the tale . We were fascinated by these stories that it would make our days reciting these interesting tales. What am i going on about really , i just wanna say this to someone in their deepest dungeon of all times, no matter the dark place that you find yourself in you are too beautiful for that place. You have the strength that makes you unique. I am all about making you believe you can do it, making someone realise the potential they posess. Its not easy but you gotta see yourself a champion. I am now singing these praises to my daughter making her believe that she is the best in the room , in the classroom , in the gym in the house , she can choose to be the best. As exams are commencing am all about encouraging someone to be the best they can be. Unleash that champion who against all odds find themselves winning. Do not forget the strength and the goodness in you is the weapon that you can ever have.



The Rush

“Do you ever feel that there is just to much to do and not enough time to do it?”(Finley, 2017)

Well, i am that one person who feels like i just have a lot to do with so little time. The pressure of life, trying to be the best you can be in this vast world. The world that is continually changing at a pace that is astounding.

I feel like most of the pressure that we find ourselves under is just self administered. As a person you have so much you can do, and so much you can accomplish. The possibilities are endless but there need to have that time when you just shun the rush and be yourself.

The rush, for me is, i want to get a job, be a good parent to my kids, write a good research essay in all the mix, also looking for a job. Sometimes when i am applying for a job, i am overwhelmed with just the thought of, will i be able to cope with all these things (mentioned above) that needs my attention.

The rush is telling me that, time is ticking and it is whispering that if you do not do it now, you will never do it. The rushing is making my heart pound to unnecessary beats and i end up almost literally choking. The rush tells me that something is very wrong with you and you will not fix it. It whispers into my ears, tells me that i am behind time everytime. But am i?

At the end i realised, if i listen more to the rush my end will just be near. Eventually i will have a heart attack and one day collapse, find myself somewhere, where i do not fany.

My advise, take your time, do not feel pressured, take the strides, sometimes that advise that says ‘one step at a time’ i quiet true. This world is evolving at a rapid pace and it is only individuals who can. manage their time wisely that will live a healthy life.

For me, a mother, a student, i put in my strides. I find time to breath in between, i am trying to avoid the rush. Find time to relax, forget about all the things that you can not have now, find your balance in everything.


Sources:Finley, M. (2017). When God said remember. The Stanborough Press

Holding contradictory emotions all together- that is adult. We bloom.

Here goes, am sitting there in the Lecture hall, trying to figure out what our guest speaker is talking about. She was talking about Sustainable development, in a world where so much has polluted yet less is being done to curb the problems. I had a long day, with a deadline for an assignment that was due, but it was done and on time, i have to say, me and my team mate worked very hard until deadline. With emotions so high, trying to come up with a strategy for the creatives and i believe we managed to do just that. Anyhow, i look up on the screen and there is a video, the guest speaker put up with all these celebrity people talking about how they would love to see a world where hunger, poverty, pollution, wars, inequality being a thing of the past. For me that was interesting, you start getting these ideas but the scenario looked like an openland, unlimited possibilities. But where to start is the big IT of the whole scenario.

In all the noise in the classroom, the guest speaker said something that caught my ear. In paraphrasing her words, she said in the struggle of life one has to be able to manage, the anxiety, the fear, the joy, happiness altogether at once. What she was saying was that whenever we think of ideas, or achieve something, we often have the excitement of triumph but in there somewhere, there is the fear of, will i be able to see this through, am i good enough or did they choose the right person in me. The irony of all this is that we are humans, and within us these emotions they take precedence, what we can only do is find the balance. Just like the sustainability development project we can only take it in strides.

Taking in the good, the bad and the medium rare with life. We can look after our families, the society, the environment but what i have learnt the few years that i have lived is that, change starts from within, change at the individual level, a change in attitude, perception and being able to embrace others and their ideas.

Be the change you want to be, be true to oneself, be confident in what you are before anyone compliment it on you. Above all work tirelessly for what you believe. #Wetakenoprisoners#UJStratCom


Emotional prison…. whats fair

I had a scenario, whereby i went visit a relative in jail. Went there, registered to get it and its a perilious process. My company, kept on saying, hey thats public offices for you nomatter where you are, Home affairs, hospital, you will find yourself in an unending line. Let us just say depending on the day.

I sat there and thought what is a prison, i researched and found out that its a building in which people are legally held as punishment for a crime they have committed. To my own understanding this one is a physical place. But then this only the beginning, i am thinking everyone is in some kind of prison or something. That is even far away from legalities. While i was sitting there, i kept on wondering how life takes us on different journeys. How unfair life is, or is it? Some say, what you throw in the vacuum of life is what it gives you back. At church they even say, what you seed is what you reap. Then i become even more confused as to what is really fair or unfair. For a time i said to myself, no one deserves to be incarcerated, i even convinced myself that this is true. But then i thought of a mother, who lost her child because someone thought it was fun to rape and kill the child, being a mother myself, i felt a knot in my stomach, a fear, a wrench and in that moment i said no, i think the society is serving justice. Some people just deserve to be far away from the communities, societies because they are cruel, unsympathetic, dangerous and poisonous.

From the scenario that i have given up there, some people deserves to be in jail and they are there. Thinking of that, i said to myself even the once that are outside being free is just a way of saying things. The mother of the child, who someone killed, is also in prison. Why i am saying this is because, she will never see her child, she yearns to have her child around her, wishes the child could still be alive. We forgive yes but the memories takes us to places where we find ourselves being inprisoned by our emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

Then i said, each of us at some point, we are imprisoned by our desires, we want to get to certain stage in life that one binds self to get to that point nomatter the situation. Some just put themselves in situations that have dire consequences. Let me put it this way, these prisons, the emotional, thoughts and feelings, are the once that usually end putting people in the real prison.

It is possible to free yourself from the hurt, anger, regret that one might feel inside. Be free, live your life, do not regret and stop thinking what could have been. Think serene.


Celebrated love, Mourned a Hero and ululated a Resignation. 

It is a day to be marked in history, unfortunately not all roses if i could say. February 14, 2018 is somehow the day we will never forget, mainly because our loved ones do nice things for us. Like every year most people who are romantic were wearing the colours of love, red and white. Red is for passion and white is for peace, someone said. Some were lucky, some were not in the field of love but hey, life is not fair now, is it? I hope you enjoyed in your circumstances, the Valentine’s day, as it is popularily known.

On a sad note, i mourn and sympathise with my fellow Zimbabweans. Oh what a sad day 14 Feb indeed, a hero, a legend was taken from amongst us and he went beyond. We mourn the death of a pillar of change Mr Morgan Tsvangirai. He indeed is to be remembered in all circles of our political life in Zimbabwe. He is the only person along with his team to stand up to the autocracy of the reign of Terror in which former president Robert Mugabe was leader. For that, we salute Morgan Tsvangirai,  a man of valour. OBITUARY: Morgan Tsvangirai ‘a veteran opposition fighter who never reached his goals.

With him went the passion for the democracy which involved the people’ s movement and benefits. He was tried and tested in the ugly politics of Zimbabwe but the unfortunate happened,  though he failed to sit as president but his resilience made him our Hero. I sympathise with the family of Morgan, may they find peace and comfort in this difficult time. Tsvangirai will forever be remembered.


 Ululate or should we? 

Now for me, it came as a mild shock to hear former President of South Africa, throwing in the towel. I have to applaud him though, he went there at the podium with a brave face, a little humour and dived into his speech. For a while, i thought Mr Zuma was not going to resign, i sensed mixed signals in his speech more like incoherence in his speech. He, however being a politician as he is, swore his allegiance to his party ANC. Zuma picked a bit on the time he became president where he fought the white minority rule and priviledge. Well, i feel he said it right there, its an issue that still President Ramaphosa will continue to address and find solutions. Some things that just does not go away, nomatter who is in office.

From the former President’s speech, i noted that he felt let down by the NEC, from his position they  did not follow the constitution at all. I think so too or was hejust trying to be like Robert Mugabe, clinging on to power even when all odds are against you and ther is no way out.

My question now  will be Mr Zuma, where to from now and South Africa, is this the change that you wanted? The deadline is over,  now real question can be asked. I personally look forwad to what awaits this diverse nation of Africa.Zuma’s resignation brings sigh of relief: Analyst – SABC News – Breaking news. Well some opinion suggest that, he might go to run his foundation and tend to his cattle at Nkandla. I say also life goes on, he is not the first president to be called out of office, Zimbabwe pioneered and Mugabe is still out there somewhere. 

The stick is now in the hands of Ramaphosa, higher expectations locally and abroad. He seems to come with some economic relief, Rand strengthens against dollar after ANC’s decision on Zuma.  Now we see if the problem was really Zuma or the party itself. But all in all change is good even the smallest one



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After a very long time.. Opinion

IMG-20160608-WA0001Hie everyone,

So i decided to write this as a letter to you all. I have been quiet for a very long time. Well the issue is more kinda like very personal but let me put it out there, i am going to be here constantly now.

So whats been happening around the social, political, well the truth is a lot has happened. Here in South Africa, the Guptas dont seem to go away, thankfully Zuma agreed to step down, wow what a relief, or is it?State Broadcasters says, South Africa’Zuma agrees to step down, spokesperson denies-ReutersOh seem like he is not yet gone. What? 

Well,  we will move on eventually, but my only question is what is overthere, PostZuma era, will Mr Ramaphosa do justice on what Zuma failed.. well i sincerely hope so. The political arena is very interesting, you never know what is going to happen beyond today. I say its a Thriller!!

So basically since this is a post after a very long time, i am thinking what will 2018 be like. As for me,  here is what, i am looking forward to Zuma stepping down and Ramaphosa putting in his muscle, for most South African citizens that’s like the obvious thing. I tell you, some do not even know why, he must go. Some have slightly an idea, like he was involved with the Guptas(giggled really). Well sometimes, we just want change hey and they said change is an act or a process of which something becomes new. Well i hope so for us, i mean this from a foreigner’s perspective.

I know you will be like, oh what does she know. Well let me tel you what i know, last year former president of Zimbabwe, Mr G Mugabe, was removed from the presidency in a jiffy, yeah like within two weeks all was done and Zimbos are already swimming with the Sharks (i dont know if that’s good or bad literally).

The good thing is that all this happened and will happen but as individuals, we take pride in our own steps, our own struggles, failures and winnings.

I would like to encourage everyone who will read this piece, that look forward, do not let anyone take your shine, nomatter the challenges. Ask around, get help you willevebtually get there,  I believe at the end of the day, we are who we are because of others. No man is an isand and ask me i totally believe that.

I hope you enjoy the read.




Being a woman in today’s world

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Speaking out for myself, i am a girl, a lady and above all i am a mother. I love being that and i even marvel to the fact that the times that we are living today has allowed me to express myself. This was foreign to the women of previous years because of gender , social connotations and a lot of social inequalities. But i look back at some of the women who were strong and they put up that fight so that we can look up to them and say wow, they indeed were great role models.

Being a woman and managing it all is not a joke. I believe women to be a unique specie who can go far and wide and still be composed to be truly who they want to be. Society has never been easy on the girl child or has it ever be considerate of the beauty. Since long back, women have been objectified and somehow those times, women also felt special being objectified.

This can be seen in the slave trade, cheap labor, sexually exploited, a means to an end and all that. What about the film industry, women were seen as sex objects and for that same reason , women considered this an achievement. What do we call that, colonisation of the brain or what? Well, i would like to call it the trend of those times.

However, over the years, there has been a wave of change towards how women are treated, or seen with the public eye. The bill of equal rights, though i feel a bit skeptic about it, also changed a lot. We have seen women being leaders of multi national companies, being CEO s, Directors, bosses, owning huge enterprises and being ahead. I would not say it was the bill of equal rights or so but i would say, its the attitude that women have taken over these years.

Great women have risen over the years, like Oprah Winfrey, Albertina Sisulu, Winnie Mandela and all that i will not be able to mention because they are a lot. What about those that are not written in the books but are great anyway. Why would i also leave my dearest mother out of this. She is a great woman not only to me but to the village where i come from. That is the greatness of women right there.

Women have managed to break the barriers of race, skin color and going beyond. There is this great writer called Chimamanda, she has a great article and showed tips when she said when you approach your femininity be like” I m matter. I matter equally,”(Francis, 2016). Basically though she was replying to a question from a young mother , i feel she referred to all women that when you look a yourself , feel that you are so important and that importance will surely follow to your girl child.

We have also seen a huge change in the girl Child obtaining education across the globe, though not forgetting some countries where this system is taking long even on the way that girls should dress and their freedom. Well lets take fore example, our neighboring Nigeria , where because of the extremism, news of many girls being abducted swept the continent, and some of them being impregnated and forced into the Islamic religion. Well i think the world is governed by so many laws that disadvantage the girl child. But in this case scenario, change in the societal perception is seen where the people from Nigeria and around the world joined forces and chanted #Bringbackourgirls. That is something to reckon with, it shows how the women and the world now see the inequality between two genders and are aware of this and need to rectify it.

Oprah Winfrey also said some wise words when she said she did not think of herself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. She thought of herself as somebody who, from an early age, knew was responsible for herself.


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Have been there-reflections

“We all have to start at square one — but taking that first step toward a career is harder for some than others.In fact, choosing the right path can be daunting for young new college grads who are worried they don’t have the right attitude or skills to pursue certain careers — or are unsure of what they’re really passionate about or what they value most”(Restle, 2015).

I feel like i am repeating myself over and over again but that is not the case. I had to go back to that time when i first came here at Pearson Institute formerly Midrand Graduate Institute. My aim was i am going to be doing Graphic Design and the requirements baffled me. I would think that i was good at drawing you know simple art but hey that was not the case.

The first thing that they asked me was , “where is your portfolio”, and i was like “what is that? That was the first requirement but the thing is, i did not know even how to compile one, because , i had never done any graphics years back. Well this was not my fault, well my school back in Zimbabwe did not have these practical subjects. We drew for fun and pretty surely i loved drawing, well even now but uuhm well it did not happen.

Back to my experience, i went back to draw what i termed my portfolio and when i came back the administrator overseeing the enrollment said i needed a Pre Degree in Graphics. Now for me that was a complete turn off, i felt like they had not given me a chance or i was to overzealous for my type. I considered doing a year before my course as a waste of time and money. Was i wrong ?, well i will never know.

There are two choices that were available, maybe do pre degree for Graphics or take another module of my choices and i said Public Relations. I saw my self as a corporate personnel, wearing those black well not so expensive suits but being proud of myself. Do i regret it , well no i do not. My first year was a bit of a challenge, i felt like i was in a way over my head, i felt like i did not belong and that challenged me a little bit but as the year progressed, i became all right and even my academics improved. i had those subjects that you wish never existed and well to be lecturers who i thought chose the wrong profession but well such is what happens at varsity right?

My second year was quite a bit hectic with Journalism being one of the most challenging subjects for me. I am good at constructing  sentences , i am doing it right now but well writing is not one of my strong points. So i tolerated journalism and the Lecturer also was one to like. That was an added advantage. At the end of the year 2015 i managed to pass the subject with a Phew’ under my breath. Thank Thor i mumbled to myself. Although i did not get many distinctions the past year, i believe i worked hard and there are sometimes where of cause i thought well i should have done better. Those are some regrets right there.

In came 2016, which i would say is my final year and there on my face came Research and Methodology. Arg, this subject bugged me i am telling you, i struggled like i have never done in my entire days at school. I have to applaud my lecturer Ms Stoltz, this lady knows her stuff and failing at her hands is just child’s play. She channeled me properly until i got the hang of Research just at the nick of time. I am glad i did. Because the first promise i gave to myself was “I will not by any chance repeat any module here at Pearson , like never”. The truth behind this being that, it is too expensive even for me, i believe in not wasting any extra cent beyond that surrounds my academics, transport and stationery. I have kept that and i am truly fighting for that to come to fruition.

Thank the heavens, that course of Graphics that i missed i had a feeler in Web page Design. I have to say, it has been quite challenging but with proper guidance  i would say it was not a waste. But just a hint, there are things that you have to know, tips that could help settle you in at College , if may be you find yourself being a first year one of these years. Davis (2013) has some beautiful tips for you at first day at college.

I am pressing on,  i am going forward and not looking back and i have done pretty damn good job so far. Enjoy the read….


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Train of thoughts

 Making this up as we carry On!!

Here i am and i would like to think that i had it all and everything figured out but in actual fact, i am far from it. I believe everyone has something that they say it is mine, well good for you. I would say life has favoured you most extremely. In reality , what do we have really , what is ours, and when do we have the right say , this is mine? Well this is a frequently asked question amongst ourselves and the answers are quite, well different.

As an individual who wish to give an earful, to my kids whenever they done wrong. I see the frown on their faces and i would eventually say , what got in to me. In the same breath, i am trying to show them what i call mine, my advice, my knowledge, my love, my zeal, passion and everything else that i think i own. In actual fact, i am but not doing anything at all because all that is not mine because there is no love in bitterness.


img-20161004-wa0003Image by Aletah Tawona. Courtesy of Family Album.

Human beings we are nothing without belief, without love and above all forgiveness. Who do you believe in , what is that idea, grasp, push, point that keeps you alive.
Do we really love to an extend where we do not shout at all,or complain, or become bitter for no apparent reason. Do we see others as useless that we feel the urge to let them down each time they utter a word. Do we become so angry for something that doesnot even make senze at all. I am looking in the mirror and i feel sorry for myself. What have i become , i ask myself, what is this and i get nowhere.

When we love others, what is the measurement, is it letting them down , shouting at them all the way , making sure they cry and putting more salt in the wound and after that say ooh i am sorry. Is it making sure you notice everytime their mistakes and remind them later and making sure they feel bad about it. I ponder on that one in fact it confuses me.

Well i think there are some individuals who have a better view of what i am talking about. According to Focus on the family Association (2016), there is two kinds of love found in a relationships, conditional and unconditional love , do we know the diffrence. I urge you to visit this link Focus on the family. It will help you understand what i am on about better. All things being said and done let love one another, because without love , seriously we do not have anything to give or call that its mine.


Focus on the Family Association (2016). Available at Accessed 13 october 2016

Life after Graduation,what lies ahead?

Image Credit: Anxious Female Graduate image from Bigstock. IMAGE CREDIT: ANXIOUS FEMALE GRADUATE IMAGE FROM BIGSTOCK.

The final year at Pearson Institute of Higher Education formerly Midrand Graduate Institute is looming for most third year students. Here i am wondering what each of them is wondering. Some are worried, like myself is there any job for me out there, where do i start and the pondering is endless.

According to ( Adams,2014), a recent poll by AfterCollege, four out of five college seniors don’t have a job lined up for after graduation. Although 73 percent of these college seniors are actively searching for jobs, the majority of them are not having any luck landing a full-time job. this is indeed true as people are struggling out there with no jobs and the search continues, at least with hope. that is something to count on. I heard my Communication Science lecturer saying having a degree does not guarantee one a job but better the chances of getting one. So here is the thing my fellow Grads, all hope is not lost as the future is bright ahead, i am saying make the best of everything that comes your way.

I just have to be honest , being scared is the most human thing that one can ever be, they say do not be scared of your own fear and i agree with whoever said that. this is the time to be honest with yourself and start early looking for a job. The truth is , this is not going to be easy but requires a lot of hard work and more effort. After two or more disappointments, do not give up.

I have seen many people saying, there are no jobs out there, Oh yes that is the truth but some truth also is that unless you give it a try, there is no way of ever knowing what is out there.



Adams, O (2014) 18 Ways To Respond To “What Are Your Plans After College?”. Available at Accessed on 4 September 2016

Our Culture, Our Pride

Former South African President Nelson Mandela concisely explained it when he said the following in a Heritage Day speech: “When our first democratically-elected government decided to make Heritage Day one of our national days, we did so because we knew that our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our new nation”( This is indeed true, and boldly said that by embracing our culture , we help heal even the wounds of the  past and that is is a better way of moving forward.

Friday the 16th was one of the epic days in South Africa. Why do i say that , it is because people were celebrating their different cultures. I had the privilege of not seeing only but also experiencing the vibe. The Campus at Pearson Institute was so vibrant and everyone was ready for this kind of thing, as was last year. I t was celebrated in style and students as well as lectures were part of it. I have to say that was too beautiful.

Culture day as is, gives the opportunity for people in South Africa to come together celebrating their ethnic cultures and it comes out beautifully and people are proud of where they come from. I got to see the Vendas, Zulus, Tsonga, Pedis’ and the White people also. Truly i get the sense of South Africa being the Rainbow Nation it really makes sense and it is beautiful in that sense.fb_20160927_07_53_10_saved_pictureCelebrations at Spur Glen Marais, photo by Porai Zimunya

It was not the Campus Vibe that took my breath away but , the streets of South Africa as a whole, the taxi ranks, in the buses, in the shops ans i am telling you everywhere. As a Zimbabwean myself, i have to say , i enjoyed this day but the only thrill  that lacked was the dressing part. In Zimbabwe though we observe our culture, we do not have the clothing to go with the theme. the reason being that , during the colonial period , people exercised European traits and characteristic to an extent that they left the clothing part altogether and adopted the way of the Whites. However, we do in our celebrations in traditional dances, traditional food and celebrations. It is also very beautiful.

the Culture day, you get to see how people value so much their tradition and all that goes with it. people are proud of their background nomatter where they are in life and this is shown through culture day , i could not help but feel the pride of being an African and i love it.